KC Jones: The Album Reckless

KC Jones is an indie-rock solo artist based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first release, 2011’s Reckless EP, is a narrative about the human condition and its corresponding elements of excess, suffering and love. Songs on the four-track EP, released by The Record Collective, were inspired by Jones’ profound connection to Robert Pirsig's novel Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Paul Thomas Anderson's film There Will Be Blood, and Bruce Springsteen's album Nebraska. For KC Jones, songwriting has become a meaningful occurrence that continues to evolve.

The debut album, Reckless, is currently being recorded with an expected release in 2012.

  1. Reckless 03:38
  2. Lights On Lights Off 05:09
  3. California Fever 05:45
  4. Decompose 05:17

Credits: released January 24, 2012 

Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Violin/Tambourine - KC Jones 
Drums - Will Noon 
Piano/Organ - Chase Pagan 

Mixing & Mastering - Will Noon



Working all around the clock 
Hoping that it all pays off
Saving all that hard-earned cash
Trying hard to make it last
I need that cash
The more I really stop to think
I haven't really made anything
There's got to be another way
Since I lost it all, I'd do anything
I need that cash
Now everyone on the floor
Just let me take my money and walk out the door
Now I don't want to kill no one 
But if you try to stop me, I think I would
I need that cash

Lights On Lights Off

Left on the ground again
The ground is warm, it's deeper than my soul
Come and sing for me gentlemen 
Just go ahead and fill me with your lungs
Lights On Lights Off
Crawling down on the pavement
Down in some basement you're clenching all your teeth
Lift up your head again
Your eyes are red and purple are your cheeks
Lights On Lights Off
He's Ok

California Fever

Someone's dragging me out of myself and I can't stop it
Gravel, blood, and conscience drug across a two lane highway
Parking lot with cigarette butts and a catalytic converter
Broken bottles with firecrackers from the night before
Signs of rest but no contest, I've been brutally damaged
Bird perched on a light pole, looking down to my perspective
Cold, wet socks, my hands in a knot, I've got California fever
Stripped of my commitments in the rain, making me shiver
Wake up, won't you wake up with me, wake up, wake up with me
Pocket with a lighter and a half-lit cigarette
Stars have comforted me before, but never ever like this
Waiting for the sun to come, I've got two broken bones
Oh send me a servant, I just want to make it home   
Wake up, won't you wake up with me, wake up, wake up with me
Car pulls up, I'm lying there, beaten by the highway
You just couldn't bear to drive away and leave me


In the middle
The middle of the day
A silent wind hits my face
Falling, falling into place
All these weeks feel like days
Guiding, guiding me
My head is full of weeds
Wistful, lying in the shrubs 
Afraid of losing touch
Distant sounds
Calling out
Pulling me right out
A nakedness inside
It's time to breathe
Feel alive
Crisp air, pink sky
They take my hand
Into the night
Distant sounds
Calling out
Pulling me right out
Deeper down
All around
Pulling me right out
Lover, friend, foe
I'm ready to decompose



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